March Goal Progress: Week Three

It’s been three weeks since we started my private Accountability group on Facebook. Let me know if you want in, we have some fabulous ladies in there! 🙂

For the month of March, I finally decided to set some goals for myself after gaining 12 pounds in the past few months! You can read about those goals here. I’m posting a weekly recap on Wednesday about how things are going, so here we go!

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March Goal Progress: Week Two

So it’s been two weeks since we started my private Accountability group on Facebook. Let me know if you want in, we have some fabulous ladies in there! 🙂

For the month of March, I finally decided to set some goals for myself after gaining 12 pounds in the past few months! You can read about those goals here. I’m posting a weekly recap on Wednesday about how things are going, so here we go!

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March 2017 Goals

I mentioned yesterday that I would be setting some goals for the month of March, so here we go! First off my plan is to get back on the 21 Day Fix, it has been the best “diet” that I have ever been on, and it works! I put diet in quotes because it doesn’t feel like one. It’s just about planning ahead, making healthy choices, and checking off your containers throughout the day. I find that it’s easier for me to track than Weight Watchers because I have to go look it up and track it or I track it after, which is never good. I know the 21 Day Fix system, but I still keep a cheat sheet on hand to remind me what food items count as what containers. Note: The above and below is a referral link, as I am a Beachbody coach, but if you’ve been following me for a while – you know I’m not a product pusher. The 21 Day Fix is something that I genuinely use as a healthy guideline, and it works for me. If you have any questions about the 21 Day Fix or any other Beachbody products, just let me know.

In addition to getting back on the 21 Day Fix, here are my goals for March:

Goal 1: Drink more water! At least 106 ounces per day.

Goal 2: Workout at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week for 31 days.

Goal 3: Track all food for 31 days and document it on TweakedFoodie.

Goal 4: One cheat dinner for date night per week. Again…trying to “eat in the middle.” This does not mean that I can only go out to eat one night a week, but it does mean that I can indulge in one meal a week.

Goal 5: Weekly weigh-ins every Friday and an update on TweakedFoodie – pounds lost/gained.

Goal 6: Meditate for at least 10 minutes every day. I did a little research and decided to follow this method.

I’m taking this one month at a time, to see what works. That means I may keep the same goals the following month or tweak them a bit. 😉  At the end of each month, I’ll do a recap of how everything went.

I’ve started to set up the secret Accountability Buddies Facebook group (meaning no one outside of the group will see what you post, and I have to invite you to join), so let me know if you want in! We’ll be starting up March 1st, so that will give everyone plenty of time to think about their goals and prep to get started! No need to follow a certain program, you need to do what works best for you. I want the group to be a positive motivator for us all to get a jump start on a healthier lifestyle. 🙂

Accountability buddies, anyone?

Thanks for all of the love on my post yesterday. It really has been a struggle these past few months, and it’s always hard to put it out there for everyone to see, so I greatly appreciate the likes, loves and comments. We all know that weight loss is HARD and you only get out what you put in. It isn’t a lack of trying on my part, but it is a lack of how hard I’m trying. Motivation is a hard thing to come by, especially when life gets in the way or you look outside, and it’s gray every day (Michigan people – aside from the last few days, can you believe we’ve barely seen the sun since December.) That’s why I love coming out to Wyoming – the sky is SO blue, it’s amazing! The openness also helps. I was talking to my Uncle last night about how even the smaller cities in Michigan can seem suffocating sometimes, then you come out here, and it is so open. It’s a very freeing experience and probably one of the biggest reasons it’s my happy place.

Anywho, enough of a plug about Wyoming 😉 and back to motivation.

You know what a great motivator is? Accountability buddies! My step-sister brought this up on my Facebook page, and I think it might be just what I need. All too often I try to do this alone (even though I’m posting on Instagram and Facebook almost daily). You all know I love food and I really do love making healthy food, and I especially love to share it. But I need to get better at sharing the good, the bad and the ugly, plus weekly weigh-ins and exercise. All too often I weigh myself randomly, and then I let it dictate how my day is going to go. A good number – yay, maybe I can have a treat today! A bad number – ugh, what does it matter, I’ve been trying so I’ll just go ahead and have that stuffed hamburger tonight. I need to share when this happens because at some point we’ve probably all thought the same thing. I also need to get better at this whole exercise thing….

So that’s where accountability buddies come in. Would you like to be my accountability buddy? Would you like to have a group of accountability buddies? I’m thinking of setting up a private Facebook group where we can all encourage each other, post if we’re having a bad day or need a little motivation. What do you think, would you be in? If so, let me know in the comments here, on my Facebook page, send me a text, give me a call (say what?), carrier pigeon, etc… get the idea! I think we’ll start on March 1st – this will give me one day to prep after I get back from Wyoming. 🙂

I also plan on writing a post this week that lists my personal goals for the next month. This is a new concept for me, as I haven’t set real goals in a while (another problem). So, if you’re in, start thinking about yours! I’d love to see them once we get started. And it doesn’t just have to be a goal weight – it can be to drink more water, exercise more often, take time out to meditate every day, etc. – whatever you think will lead you to a happier, healthier you. Because it’s not all about weight, food, and exercise, it’s also about mental health too. 

So here we go, here’s to a new, more transparent me. Get ready!

And don’t forget to let me know if you want to be accountability buddies!


I’ve fallen and I can get up

I wrote a little bit about this on my Instagram the other day.

Since September I’ve gained 12 pounds….

I have been gradually losing for the last two years, and I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what is going on. Have my eating habits changed drastically, was it the holidays, is it winter, is it water, is it stress, is it….

And you know what, it’s probably all of the above, but it doesn’t matter what it is… What matters is that I do something about it. So I’m putting it out here to all of you that I’m going to fix it. I’m tired of doing this over and over again. It’s time to reboot and refocus. I started the 21 Day Fix again, and that lasted until birthday parties, Chicago and a Super Bowl party….

This is real life, and I need to get back to making better decisions.

One of my favorite food bloggers (Andie Mitchell) has a cookbook called “Eating in the Middle, ” and this is what I strive for, but struggle with EVERY DAY. I don’t like to restrict myself too much, but if I start to let other food back in too much, it becomes a downward spiral. Food addiction is a real thing, and I wrote about it here.

So I’m taking this week in Wyoming to reboot and refocus, so when I get back, get ready because:


Food Addiction

Hi, my name is Jill and I’m a food addict.

It took me a very long time to admit that to myself and even realize that it was a thing. The first time I took ownership of that statement, was my first stint on Weight Watchers back in 2007. I realized that it wasn’t only my love of food that made me overweight, but the fact that I couldn’t control myself around food. Put a meal in front of me and just as I was always taught – I’d finish my plate. Whether I was still hungry or not. And bringing home leftovers from a restaurant? Who did that? At a party – why not just sit where the food is and graze all night.

To some of you, you may be thinking that you’ve never heard of food addiction or I’m just labeling myself to justify why I’m overweight.

To you, I say – this struggle is very real.

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Beachbody and Weight Watchers

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my weight and my relationship with food (as I said in my first post). I’m an emotional eater, I’ve struggled with binge eating and just a lack of knowledge about basic nutrition. I used Weight Watchers to lose 40+ pounds around 2008, and it gradually came back. Not all of it, but the majority.

In November of 2014, I found Beachbody and it helped me jumpstart my weight loss again and transformed the way I approach food through the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. Over the first few months, I dropped 15 lbs!

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