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Wyoming – My Happy Place

The moment I get into the state of Wyoming I feel relaxed. It’s truly my happy place. The days are quiet, stress-free, and slow. How often do we get to go to a place where relaxing is the only thing on the agenda? Where you look out the window and see mountains and trees, a house scattered here or there, but for the most part you’re secluded. Whether it’s winter, summer or anything in between the days are filled with bright blue sky, breathing in fresh mountain air, hoping to see a moose(!), and letting your mind relax.


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Making a Difference: Part 2

Aside from volunteering, there are several other ways to raise awareness and funds for organizations. One of those is by doing charity walks or climbs. To continue my support of Make a Difference Now (MAD), as mentioned in my previous post I decided to sign up for their charity climb in Patagonia this past February. If you’re looking for ways to experience other cultures, meet great people, see new sights, and taste great food – all for a good cause, then these might be the type of volunteer opportunities for you. I for sure have wanderlust and my passion for these types of experiences has grown exponentially over the years. I’m already starting to plan my next volunteer experience. Stay tuned!

But back to Patagonia, otherwise known as The End of the World! For this particular trip we signed up to go with six other people that we’d never met (other than a few email exchanges), which is an adventure in itself! But we couldn’t have asked for a better group, everyone was so friendly and easy going.  Each of us had to raise a minimum of $1000, which all goes towards supporting the MAD children. Between my boyfriend and myself we were able to raise $2,360! That is enough to sponsor one child for a whole year and then some!

Our first glimpse of Chile!

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Making a Difference: Part 1

Making an impact on others lives and fundraising for certain organizations has become a large priority in my life the past few years. It’s transformed me in ways I couldn’t even imagine. It’s given me a purpose, it’s given me confidence, and it’s given me a way to combine several of my loves – travel, volunteering, new cultures, and food. I thought I would start out first by sharing a recent organization I’ve been involved with and then diving into other aspects of volunteering/traveling abroad. So I give you – Making a Difference: Part 1.

The past two years I’ve had the very fortunate opportunity to work with Make a Difference Now (MAD) – very appropriately named. First in Africa (May 2015) and again a couple of weeks ago in Chile (Feb 2016). I was introduced to this amazing organization through my work – they plan regular volunteer trips with certain foundations throughout the year AND they give us 5 days out of each year to dedicate ourselves to volunteering (yes I know I’m spoiled). I’m incredibly lucky and I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for!

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