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Wyoming Recap (February 2017)

At the end of February, I spent ten glorious days in the mountains of Wyoming. Let me tell you, it was much needed! What did I do while I was there? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…..

Well not really, but for the most part! You have all heard me say that Wyoming is my happy place and it seriously is. Just look at this gorgeousness…


There are many reasons that I love Wyoming and I go at the same time every year. Number one is that it helps me honor my Mom’s memory. Number two is it’s the one time of year that I get to totally clear my mind and not feel guilty for doing nothing. No housework, no work, no real plans. I do usually have a project or two in mind that I want to catch up on – whether it be this blog or scrapbooking (I use Picaboo, so I can scrapbook from anywhere). This year I created our Accountability group, set some March goals, read some books, colored, watched movies and made/ate yummy food, all while watching the snow fall outside. 🙂

With that said, I did venture outside a few times. One day I drove into town to go to Lollipops with my Aunt for lunch. I love this place, it looks like an old-fashioned soda shop and they have really good food! I also had the whole place to myself after lunch to use their wifi and work on the blog!  🙂

I went on a walk through Ryan Park and took a bunch of pictures. I love the street signs!

We went snowmobiling twice, the first day was pretty snowy.

The second time was gorgeous with bright blue skies!

We went on a hike through the freshly fallen snow, that was a workout!

And Wyoming saved the best for a last! A moose sighting as we were driving to the airport. This guy or girl just decided to escort us through the pass, lol!

You can read my other Wyoming posts here. 🙂


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