Five Friday Faves

Five Friday Faves 3.10.17

Yay, it’s Friday! Heading to Chicago this weekend to hang out with some of my favorite people for St. Patrick’s Day! I LOVE to see the river dyed green and we’re going on a boat down the river, I hope we don’t freeze to death, lol.

With that, here are this week’s favs! I like to post favorites from my week or old favorites that I use regularly. Hope you enjoy and Happy Friday! TGIF!!

#1 – Teva Foxy Ankle Boot

I ordered these on Amazon, and I am obsessed! I got them in bison and black olive (more of a dark gray in person), thinking I would return one, but I LOVE them both! They are soooo comfortable. I’ll let you know how they do in Chicago this weekend 🙂

#2 – Steaming Eggs

I posted a video on how I make my eggs (pretty much every day, lol) on InstagramI steam them! Just add the eggs to a heated (med heat) nonstick pan, add a couple Tbsp of water to the pan, cover and let steam until a white film form over the yolk.

#3 – Primal Kitchen Chipotle Mayo

This is avocado mayo, and I’ve been adding it to my butternut squash/brussel sprout hash mix with eggs and avocado. So yummy!

#4 – Rosy Mound Trail in Grand Haven

Love this trail because of all the stairs! It’s a great workout!

#5 – Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs

This might have to be my treat meal one day! 😉 Lol 


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