March Goal Progress: Week One

So it’s officially been one week since we started my private Accountability group on Facebook. Let me know if you want in, we have some fabulous ladies in there! 🙂

For the month of March, I finally decided to set some goals for myself after gaining 12 pounds in the past few months! You can read about those goals here. I thought I would post a weekly recap on Wednesday about how things are going, so here we go!

Goal 1: Drink more water! At least 106 ounces per day.

  • ON TARGET: I have been drinking water like nobody’s business. I’m one of those people that do not want to get up repeatedly to fill a water bottle – so I use my Nalgene bottle and try to fill it up at least three times a day. 

Goal 2: Workout at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week for 31 days.

  • GETTING THERE: Last week I worked out four times, so I know I can do better this week! I’ve been doing my Biggest Loser Cardio Max DVD, and we went on a hike Sunday to do all the stairs, whew!

Goal 3: Track all food for 31 days and document it on TweakedFoodie.

  • ON TARGET: I’ve tracked consistently for the last seven days, but it’s not all on TweakedFoodie because, you know – life. It’s busy, and I don’t always have time to post everything. But I did post this deliciousness, as I ate it almost every day for lunch, lol. 
  • I also resisted Domino’s last Friday and made my own 21 Day Fix Pizzas! Throughout the week I also had 21 Day Fix Shepherds Pie, Shakeology, and Chicken Stir Fry!

Goal 4: One cheat dinner for date night per week. Again…trying to “eat in the middle.” This does not mean that I can only go out to eat one night a week, but it does mean that I can indulge in one meal a week.

  • ON TARGET: We didn’t have time for a date night last week, but I did sneak in a cheat meal at Taco Bell Monday. The only time I go to Taco Bell is on the day that I get my hair done (it’s next door), but I was out and about Monday during lunch and got it then. I also did get my hair done that night,  lol.

Goal 5: Weekly weigh-ins every Friday and an update on TweakedFoodie – pounds lost/gained.

  • ON TARGET: I weigh in on Friday’s (before the weekend is my preference), but I’ll still post in the Wednesday recap. As of last Friday – I’ve lost 2.8 pounds!

Goal 6: Meditate for at least 10 minutes every day. I did a little research and decided to follow this method.

  • FAIL – Definitely need to work on this one. It’s so hard to find alone time during the week, and even though my weekly tracker has been staring me in the face, I kind of forgot…. So I’m adding a reminder to my phone to do this every day at noon. I think that will be a good time since I work from home and I can just zone out for 10 minutes and eat my lunch (hopefully outside if it starts to get warmer!), instead of eating in front of my computer.

So there we go, overall I think I’m making progress 🙂 Here’s hoping for a good week, this week and continuing the momentum!


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