Weight Loss

Accountability buddies, anyone?

Thanks for all of the love on my post yesterday. It really has been a struggle these past few months, and it’s always hard to put it out there for everyone to see, so I greatly appreciate the likes, loves and comments. We all know that weight loss is HARD and you only get out what you put in. It isn’t a lack of trying on my part, but it is a lack of how hard I’m trying. Motivation is a hard thing to come by, especially when life gets in the way or you look outside, and it’s gray every day (Michigan people – aside from the last few days, can you believe we’ve barely seen the sun since December.) That’s why I love coming out to Wyoming – the sky is SO blue, it’s amazing! The openness also helps. I was talking to my Uncle last night about how even the smaller cities in Michigan can seem suffocating sometimes, then you come out here, and it is so open. It’s a very freeing experience and probably one of the biggest reasons it’s my happy place.

Anywho, enough of a plug about Wyoming 😉 and back to motivation.

You know what a great motivator is? Accountability buddies! My step-sister brought this up on my Facebook page, and I think it might be just what I need. All too often I try to do this alone (even though I’m posting on Instagram and Facebook almost daily). You all know I love food and I really do love making healthy food, and I especially love to share it. But I need to get better at sharing the good, the bad and the ugly, plus weekly weigh-ins and exercise. All too often I weigh myself randomly, and then I let it dictate how my day is going to go. A good number – yay, maybe I can have a treat today! A bad number – ugh, what does it matter, I’ve been trying so I’ll just go ahead and have that stuffed hamburger tonight. I need to share when this happens because at some point we’ve probably all thought the same thing. I also need to get better at this whole exercise thing….

So that’s where accountability buddies come in. Would you like to be my accountability buddy? Would you like to have a group of accountability buddies? I’m thinking of setting up a private Facebook group where we can all encourage each other, post if we’re having a bad day or need a little motivation. What do you think, would you be in? If so, let me know in the comments here, on my Facebook page, send me a text, give me a call (say what?), carrier pigeon, etc…..you get the idea! I think we’ll start on March 1st – this will give me one day to prep after I get back from Wyoming. 🙂

I also plan on writing a post this week that lists my personal goals for the next month. This is a new concept for me, as I haven’t set real goals in a while (another problem). So, if you’re in, start thinking about yours! I’d love to see them once we get started. And it doesn’t just have to be a goal weight – it can be to drink more water, exercise more often, take time out to meditate every day, etc. – whatever you think will lead you to a happier, healthier you. Because it’s not all about weight, food, and exercise, it’s also about mental health too. 

So here we go, here’s to a new, more transparent me. Get ready!

And don’t forget to let me know if you want to be accountability buddies!



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