Five Friday Faves

Five Friday Faves 2.17.17

Trying to dust off this old blog and get back into a regular rhythm. On Friday’s I like to post favorites from my week or old favorites that I use regularly. Hope you enjoy and Happy Friday! TGIF!!


#1 – Erin Condren Planner

This is my second Erin Condren because I loved the first one so much! It really helps me stay organized during the week. There’s just something about writing out your to-do lists for each day and physically crossing them off instead of just relying on your phone or computer. I also got the clip-in travel dashboard this time to help me prep for my travels! PS: I’m packing right now to leave for Wyoming tomorrow, I can’t wait!!

#2 – Lularoe Leggings

Um, I totally get it now. Took me a bit to jump on the train, but these leggings are so buttery soft. They’ve turned into my work from home uniform, lol.

#3 – Righteous Cuisine in Grand Haven

It takes a lot to wow me these days, but Righteous Cuisine definitely did! We tried one of each taco and their brussell sprout “chips”- basically super crispy brussel sprouts which are my absolute fav! Their tacos are super interesting combos – I had the:

  • Citrus Shrimp – with apple butter, brussel sprouts, slaw with bacon vinaigrette, queso fresco and cilantro
  • The Seasonal Vegan – brussel sprouts, truffle potatoes,  chimichurri, caramelized onion, squash, black beans
  • Beef brisket – ancho BBQ, winter greens, sweet potato fries, queso fresco and cilantro

#4 – Gluten Free Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers

Peanut butter crackers….need I say more! Yum!!

#5 – Fresh Spinach in the Freezer

This is one of my favorite tips! I shared it on my Instagram a while back, and it was one of my most liked posts. I add spinach to my shakeology every day, but I was buying so many fresh little bags so it wouldn’t go bad when I realized that you can just freeze the fresh stuff! Problem solved! Now I buy a giant bag of fresh spinach and keep it in the freezer. I mainly use it for my morning smoothie, but I’ve also used it to cook with – just have to realize there will be some added moisture.

 Hope you enjoyed! Have you tried any of these? Do you have any favorites that I should check out? Let me know!

Happy Weekend!


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