Sit Down, Talk Me (A life update)

When I was very little, I used to tell my Grandma – “sit down, talk me.” I think she told that story hundreds of times. So here I am, sitting down and talking to you, to give a little life update. A lot has happened in the past three months (what!!) since my last post and you’re probably wondering where I’ve been (if anybody is out there? 😉 )

First things first, major life update. Since we last talked, my boyfriend’s two children (age 13 and 11) moved in with us full time. You won’t hear much about them on the blog (because privacy) but it’s definitely one of the reasons it’s been so quiet around here, as we’ve all been adjusting these last few months.

We all took a road trip to Wyoming, which I’ll dedicate a whole post too, but it was amazing (as usual). Look at those mountains!


We went on a camping trip with my whole family ….and it rained the entire time! The intention was to go tubing down a river, but that didn’t work out so well. Oh well, it’s a fun story to tell, and the little kids had lots of fun jumping in the huge mud puddles 🙂


I got a free trip for four to Craig’s Cruisers because I’m part of the Yelp Elite! That was pretty awesome. I honestly didn’t think the Yelp elite would be anything special, but I guess reviewing restaurants can get you some perks!


At the beginning of September, we also moved to Grand Haven, which I’m loving! Our new apartment is so much brighter (much better when you work from home) and the new layout is really nice. I also love our deck that overlooks the little pond behind our house 🙂 It’s become my new breakfast spot, but now that it’s getting chilly out, I might have to put that on hold for a few months.


I also had a few weeks of whirlwind work trips and am just now getting back into the swing of things. 🙂  I can’t believe summer flew by so quickly and now it’s fall, my favorite time of year! Bring on the pumpkins, chili, and hats!!


Hopefully, it won’t be another three months before my next post. 😉

How was your summer?


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