Five Friday Faves

Five Friday Faves + One Flop 07.15.16

On Fridays, I post favorites from my week or old favorites that I use regularly. This week I’m adding one flop! Every once and a while you get something that totally doesn’t work, so I’ll start sharing those as well. Hope you enjoy and Happy Friday! TGIF!!


#1 – Creamy Thai Carrot Soup

Let me start this out by saying I don’t love carrots, but I absolutely, positively love this soup! We got a pound of carrots in our Door to Door Organics order last week because I missed swapping out items over the Fourth of July weekend, so I went on the hunt for a carrot soup recipe – figuring that would hide the taste. 😉 I stumbled upon The Minimalist Bakers Creamy Thai Carrot Soup and it is so delicious! I mean anything that you add peanut butter too is probably going to be delicious – but I was a little leery of adding it to a soup – boy was I wrong! The combo of carrots, garlic, onions, peanut butter, and sriracha is perfection. I loved it so much, the soup was gone in two days! So over lunch, I ran to the store and bought two pounds of carrots so I could make a double batch and freeze some. It’s even good cold if you aren’t a hot soup person in the summer. Seriously, try this out!

#2 – Sushi Burritos

Where have you been all of my life? A giant sushi roll wrapped up like a burrito, I mean – what’s not to like? I tried my first one at Jaku Sushi and woah – I may never eat a regular sushi roll again!

#3 – If you have an Egg

I love Kelly’s blog not only because she loves eggs, but because she posts great recipes with the Weight Watchers points. She’s even created her own App with points values, recipes, and meal ideas. She also recently held a contest called “Eggs Your Way” which I entered and won!! So she sent me bunch of fun things that I’ll definitely be using soon and will probably show up here on my faves 🙂

#4 – Fresh Express Chopped Asian Salad

So delicious and I could eat the whole bag by myself and definitely easier than buying all of the ingredients and making it 😉 (Sidenote: the sushi at my Family Fare is suprisingly delicious)


#5 – Shrimp Boil Packets

This is such a fun and easy summer dish. I love being able to grill during the summer and finding interesting things to make other than the usual chicken, hamburgers, steak, etc. You could also make this dish your own by adding different spices, etc. We have made it twice and the second time we added in pineapple and a garlic/sriracha seasoning (that I found at Lowes of all places!). Tip: We did find that the potatoes take longer to cook, so either place them in a separate packet for longer or pre-cook them about half way (in the microwave would be the easiest or you could boil them) before adding to the packets.

The Flop!

Hello Fresh

I was super excited to try out Hello Fresh for the first time but was seriously disappointed. If you aren’t familiar with Hello Fresh it is a meal delivery service, where they provide you all of the ingredients needed and the instructions. With this box, we got Grilled Moroccan Chicken with Lemony Couscous & Carrot Salad, Chimichurri Burgers with Avocado, Monterey Jack, and Cabbage Slaw, Seared Tuna with Thyme-Roasted Summer Veggies and Lemon Aioli. Sounds decent right? …..wrong. First, I never received an email reminder to check out the meals that were arriving to see if I wanted to swap anything out. Second, the meals were a lot more difficult (as far as prep) to make than I would have thought. For example – a recipe calls for spices chopped and they came whole or minced garlic and they send a whole clove (have you ever tried to mince garlic – it’s hard – that’s why I buy the jar!). Third, everything was bland and we had to make quite a few adjustments to the flavor. On the positives, everything that came in the box was fresh and the instructions were laid out nicely. I just wasn’t overly impressed and won’t be ordering any more boxes. I was really glad I used a coupon code and didn’t pay full price.

Hope you enjoyed! Have you tried any of these? Do you have any favorites that I should check out? Have you ever tried a meal delivery service, what was your experience? Let me know!

Happy Weekend!


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