Five Friday Faves

Five Friday Faves – 6.24.16

On Fridays, I post favorites from my week or old favorites that I use regularly. Hope you enjoy and Happy Friday! TGIF!!

#1 – Trader Joes Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

I love iced coffee, especially since we’re finally starting to hit summer temps (woot!). Every time I go to Trader Joes I glance at this and think..hmm…maybe…but I’ve bulked at the price of $7.99. But it makes 12 cups of coffee!! I don’t think I ever read the full label 😉  I used one part coffee, two parts water and about a Tbsp of Trader Joe’s dairy free hazelnut creamer, so delicious! …and better and cheaper that buying it at Starbucks or McDonalds!

#2 – Crazy Cups Single Serve Coffee Pods

Just in case you thought I was wavering on my love for coffee, here’s another good one! Lol 🙂  I ordered these on Groupon, just on a whim, as I was looking for other flavors. If you saw my Instagram the other day, I’ve started drinking black coffee (aside from the iced one I just had above) and one of the things that helps is flavored coffee….and these flavors are delicious! My favorites so far are salted caramel and banana foster flambe! If you ever order anything off Groupon, don’t forget to use Ebates for 6% cash back!

#3 – Funky Budha Hot Yoga

I’m back on the hot yoga train and I just happened to go on National Yoga Day! Crazy coincidence! They have a Groupon right now for Grand Rapids/Holland, MI area. I highly recommend trying it out. I typically go to the Slow Flow class and it is incredibly relaxing and detoxifying. You feel SO good afterward and even with the small movements and stretching, it’s an incredible workout. Since I haven’t been for a while, my legs were shaking the whole time, in a good way 🙂 Again, if you ever order anything off Groupon, don’t forget to use Ebates for 6% cash back!

#4 – Mizu Sushi in Holland, MI

If you’re ever in the Holland, MI area and get a craving for sushi, you need to check this place out! My bestie was in town last weekend and since it was so gorgeous out, we decided to sit on their patio and have a couple rolls. Our favorite was the volcano roll!

#5 – Kayaking!

Finally, it’s warm enough to go kayaking! We checked out a new spot (Pigeon Creek, which leads out to Lake Michigan) this past week and it was absolutely gorgeous. Hoping to check out another good one this weekend while we’re camping!! Hurry up 5:00, I’m ready to go! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed! Have you tried any of these? Do you have any favorites that I should check out? Let me know!

Happy Weekend!


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