Five Friday Faves

Five Friday Faves – 5.20.16

Every Friday I post favorites from my week or old favorites that I use regularly. Hope you enjoy and Happy Friday! TGIF!!

#1 – Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

  • I don’t know how this hasn’t made it on one of my lists yet! I drink this every day as meal replacement 🙂 Usually in the morning or at lunch, depending on the day. It keeps me energized, gets me a serving of fruit and veggies (usually a frozen banana, cherries or strawberries + spinach) as well as a multitude of vitamins! You can check it out here. There are so many different variations you can make.Note – I use the vegan because I have a sensitivity to dairy. My go-to is a mocha frappuccino. I find that if you add frozen fruits/spinach it lasts a bit longer to get you to your next meal. I was never a fan of drinking my breakfast or my lunch, but now it’s become a habit and I’ve found ways to make it filling 🙂  If I skip a day, I seriously crave it!

#2 – Veggie “Fried” Rice

  • I’ve posted this a couple times here and here. I’m completely obsessed with trying different variations of vegetables in my version of “fried” rice. I throw a bunch of veggies in my food processor, like broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, onion and chop them into pretty small pieces. I cook that, along with Trader Joes riced cauliflower until it’s heated through. Then add chicken sausage or regular chicken, along with Trader Joe’s General Tsao Sauce, soy sauce and sriracha and cook until that’s heated through. You can even throw a scrambled egg in there at the end! Super tasty 🙂

#3 – Trader Joe’s Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins

  • These are delicious! Seriously, go buy them now…………….did you buy them?……………No?……………….I’ll wait 🙂
  • Lol, anyway – if you love lemon, you should try these.
  • You can have NINE for four Points Plus. *jaw drop* You don’t necessarily have to eat nine, but if you want to and you have the points left, why not?

#4 – Gravity

  • If you are ever in the Grand Rapids area, Gravity is delicious!
  • I highly recommend the Coconut Curry Mussels or the Smoked Brisket CB&J Sandwich with tots! These tots are like nothing I’ve ever had. First, they’re huge. Second, they’re super crispy, almost like hash browns on the outside.   So good!


  • Finally having sunshine! After a looooong winter, cold weather and rain – we’re finally having sunshine filled days. Last night I took a walk at 7:15pm in just a hoodie and not my winter coat! I was so motivated by the sun, I walked around our entire block, which is about 4 miles!

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links and I may receive a small compensation if you purchase through the link. I only post links to items that I’ve personally used and love :)

Hope you enjoyed! Have you tried any of these? Do you have any favorites that I should check out? Let me know!


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