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Wyoming – My Happy Place

The moment I get into the state of Wyoming I feel relaxed. It’s truly my happy place. The days are quiet, stress-free, and slow. How often do we get to go to a place where relaxing is the only thing on the agenda? Where you look out the window and see mountains and trees, a house scattered here or there, but for the most part you’re secluded. Whether it’s winter, summer or anything in between the days are filled with bright blue sky, breathing in fresh mountain air, hoping to see a moose(!), and letting your mind relax.


Sometimes we go snowmobiling, four wheeling or even take a ride on the mule and the views are awe-inspiring.


And sometimes you even stumble upon the most unexpected things.


I’ve been going to Wyoming to visit my Aunt and Uncle at least once a year for the last several years. For a brief stint, I almost moved out there and started a little coffee shop  (which is a whole other story). Usually, I head out there in the winter because snowmobiling is my new found favorite. Gliding over the snow and seeing the world in a different way is exhilarating. It also gives you time to focus on nothing else but driving, taking in the scenery, and settling your mind. This takes a lot of effort on my part, I usually have thousands of thoughts rolling around in my head, but I try to take that time to just breath and focus.


Every time I go out there, we may do different things, but it’s pretty much the same. Relaxing.

And every time I go out there, it makes me crave a slower paced life. One where the norm is to be outside – not stuck at a desk all day. One where you take the time to enjoy your surroundings and explore.



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