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Beachbody and Weight Watchers

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my weight and my relationship with food (as I said in my first post). I’m an emotional eater, I’ve struggled with binge eating and just a lack of knowledge about basic nutrition. I used Weight Watchers to lose 40+ pounds around 2008, and it gradually came back. Not all of it, but the majority.

In November of 2014, I found Beachbody and it helped me jumpstart my weight loss again and transformed the way I approach food through the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. Over the first few months, I dropped 15 lbs!

The 21 Day Fix taught me portion control and how to incorporate real food into my diet. It completely transformed the way that I look at food now and helped me understand nutrition. Hence, Tweaked Foodie was born. I started changing the way that I ate and wanted to share how I did it. I started out with daily eats and exercises and now it’s turned into this blog. The 21 Day Fix taught me that dieting isn’t about restriction, it’s about fueling your body. I couldn’t believe how much they wanted me to eat every day. I wrote a couple Facebook posts about it here and here. Seriously, so much food! But really, it taught me how to balance out my day. And how important fruit and vegetables are. I go through so many fruits and vegetables in a week now, whereas I barely ate any before.

One way that I’ve incorporated more fruits and veggies into my diet is through my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology. Every day I add some sort of fruit and spinach to my daily shake, which carries over from the 21 Day Fix, as I was finding it hard to fit in all of the servings I was supposed to have. So I figured out that I could just add them to my shake and boom – I started hitting my goals every day. I’ll admit, I’m a bit obsessed with my Shakeology – I can tell the difference when I don’t drink it and I CRAVE it. It gives me energy, it tastes delicious, helps with digestion, and it curbs my cravings (for the most part 😉 – we all need chocolate every once and a while). I just switched my Shakeology from breakfast to lunch (see this post) and it has seriously cut down my afternoon snacking. It’s not a miracle shake by any means, it’s not going to melt the weight off of you. But with the right diet and exercise, it can help and there are so many benefits!

But, like I said, what both of these things have taught me is balance (and a newfound love of eggs – you’ve probably seen a lot on Instagram/Facebook, lol). On the other side of that balance is going out to eat and planning for it. I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and I love great food, so I hate to restrict myself too much when I go out to eat. However, I don’t eat much dairy, so I do avoid dishes with heavy cream or lots of cheese, which helps in itself. And when I’m in the mood, I’ll split a dish. 😉 But if I know that we’re going out, then I try to plan my other meals around that. Does it always work that way? No. Do I beat myself up about it? No. It’s ok to splurge once and while, we’re all human, I just try to do better the next day.

Which brings me to Weight Watchers. The 21 Day Fix works great when you’re making your food at home, but for me, it was more difficult to determine portions when going out to eat. So I decided to combine the two – get in the portions of fruits, veggies, protein, etc., that I need throughout the day, but use the points system to keep me on track. So far, so good. I’m down 24 pounds and counting. Some days are good, some days are bad, but I’m going to keep trying and eventually I’ll get there. To me, this is a lifestyle change and it’s not something that can happen overnight. My progress might be slow, but I’m doing what works best for me. I always say “slow and steady wins the race!” 🙂 

Interested in Beachbody? Have any questions? Just let me know. Leave a comment or if you’d prefer, send me an email at tweakedfoodie@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!


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