Walk and Talks

I work from home and I live in Michigan. So during the winter I’ve been known to hibernate. I mean why go out in the cold and snow unless you have to, right? There was one time that I was sick, it was cold and snowy, so I didn’t leave the house for a week. Eek, that’s terrible!

So, as the seasons are changing and it’s starting to gradually get warmer (and by warmer I mean 40 degrees, lol). But hey, at least, the sun’s been shining! I’m starting to stretch my legs and get out more.

You may have heard me mention here that I switched up my favorite meal of the day (Shakeology) from breakfast to lunch. The reason behind that is because my boyfriend and I have started walking at lunch. We’re very fortunate, as he only works three minutes from our house and comes home for lunch every day. So this is our new thing, which I’ve deemed “Walk and Talks.”

And I love it.

We leave our phones at home and walk for as long as we can before he has to head back to work. It allows us to talk without any distractions, I get to breath fresh air for (probably) the first time all day, and we’re moving 🙂

Then when we get back, we whip up a quick shake and we’re good to go. Super fast and easy lunch.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut sometimes and my goal is just to get out and move more, no more hibernating!

Ever feel like you hibernate during the winter? What are you doing to get out and move more?


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